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on the normal bench press. A close grip bench press, also a recommended exer
cise for flabby arms, is the same as the free weight medium grip barbell bench p
ress but with your arms positioned close on the bar. It may look like a small hange, but moving your hands to about 18 - 24 inches ap art on the bar completely changes the muscles worked.

The close grip bench press shifts the emphasis to your triceps and to a lesser e
xtent your shoulder’s lower chest.It’s an ideal exercise for upper arms. How to go
about with this combined arms exercise? Hot Photos & Pictures Hot Photos & Pictures

Lay on a bench with a straight bar or an E-Z-Curl bar, the bent curl bar, with your
feet position widely and firm on the floor. Repeat this movement for as many re
petitions as you feel you can.

When doing the close grip bench press, keep you r elbows tucked in at your side throughout the exercise, to really hit those triceps . You'll notice the extra work on your triceps right away.


Hollywood Hot Photos Hot Photos & Pictures

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